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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm a little lost.

We had a family BBQ this last Saturday and I left my camera at my mother-in-law's house. I went to grab my camera three seperate times to catch some life moments and I was so disappointed each time. It looks like we will need to venture the two miles over there sometime today to pick it up. There was the moment that I spotted the three olders sitting together on the bench swing in the backyard chatting together, one big brother helping a little brother do something later on and then one other moment that I can't recall right now. See why I need that silly little camera to help me remember these things?

I did capture this beautiful moment last week before leaving my camera willy nilly wherever I went. We use puzzles around here to foster development in the part of the brain that deals with logic and problem solving. So how do you get a girl to do a puzzle that really does not enjoy them but struggles in those areas? You pick up a United States map puzzle at the Dollar Store and casually leave it out on the counter and say nothing, that's how. Then said daughter who is currently interested in all 50 states will look at the brand new puzzle and ask if she could be the first to try it out. My response? A nonchalant "Oh, sure, I suppose" . ;-) Sneaky, no?

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Luke said...

Very sneaky [smile].