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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A warped sense of inflation and lifeskills.

This morning mommy is still dealing some the aftermath of what we fondly or not so fondly call "the sickness". I told the kids that I intend to hold school this morning but I needed them to find something they could do together in the meantime while I got myself together. They decided to set up store. I love it when they do this. The purses come out, lables for pricing, all of the plastic food, healthy or not. Grocery store was my favorite thing to play in the first grade. I was a bit of an overachiever and my teachers would only let me work so far ahead in my paces. When I would get bored they would send me out to the little set up store to organize it. I loved it.

I have been working with them for quite some time, teaching them about the importance of being frugal. It would seem that they have been taking business courses on the side about selling for inflated prices.

Though that didn't seem to disuade the shoppers.

This busy mom type was being mighty selective about her purchases. Do you see her grocery list? I'm so proud.

I hope those dishes clean themselves for what they are asking for them. $30!?

This guy was happy to see every customer and check them out though he was a little concerned that I was taking his picture next to the princess cash register. He has a reputation, doncha know?

Good gravy we may need to do some more Grocery Cart math. $5 and $6 for canned and boxed food? Where did I go wrong?

Oh well. At least they were adding things up, making change, and making sure they had enough for purchases. Those things my friends are what we call life skills around here. And with some of the experiences I have had with some highschoolers having trouble making change for me locally, I am thinking these are pretty important skills to be working on.

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Miss Jocelyn said...

I hope you all get back to feeling %100 better, and am glad things worked out for you today. :)