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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I'm not much of one for leprachauns and luck of the Irish but the real story of St. Patrick is much more compelling. My neighbor and I are throwing the kids a party tomorrow to learn about him and have some fun but for today we'll stick with these cupcake bites. Steve and I made them last night for him to share with his co-workers.

I got the instructions for these Cupcake bites from The Pioneer Woman. If you haven't ever read her blog, oh my, you should. It's a real treat. You can see the specific post on how to make these here. We made some over the weekend that were brown on bottom, pink on top with sprinkles which looked more like cupcakes. These we obviously made with a St. Patrick theme in mind. We also picked up some candy molds so they would come out smoother this time, which they did. It's candy coating all around similar to peanut butter cups but there is a creamy cakey center inside. I haven't tasted them with my blood sugar challenges but my family and friends say they are very good. Well one person said there were some involuntary noises escaping their mouth as he or she ate them but I'll let him or her retain their dignity by not revealing said person's name. Now go make some cupcake bites. You'll thank me.
And, you're welcome.

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miss mary said...

those look really yummy. I'm not one for this day much, but my husbands family is Irish and my daughter was born on this day , so I've been thrown into it.
Anyway love your blog and posts and hope your day is great...Hugs