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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's garden time!

Can you see it? Right there in the middle. That gorgeous little bright green, luscious piece of spring. It's my first onion poking through. I planted my first batch in a large black tub. I can bring it in if it gets too cold and on the sunny days it does great because it warms up much faster.

Potatoes go in next. I am working on a potato tower method where I can yield up to 60 pounds of potatoes in a 3X3X3 area. I will document it when we get it set up.
My front flower beds are also showing signs of coming to life again. It makes me smile.

We are determined to grow more of our own food again this year for our health and to be more frugal. How about you? Growing any veggies this year?
Right now you can get $20 worth of plants at Springhill Nursery and only pay for the shipping. This morning I ordered my strawberries and a Hollyhock totalling $19.95 but only paid the additional $7.95 shipping. We better get cracking on those strawberry beds.

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