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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free Spring Break Entertainment

Being homeschoolers we spend a lot time at home. For spring break I wanted to do a few things to break the routine without breaking the bank. The rain has been a bit a damper on my plans but there is brand new library being built in town. So yesterday they coupled that with a birthday celebration our state is having.

The kids first listened to a storyteller tell two different stories. The first one he used a Tom Tom drum beat to keep it going. The kids talked about the stories throughout the day so it must have made an impression.

After the story telling there was a project for the kids to do. The new library will be decorating a portion of the new building with tiles made by kids.

It was a hit and they were not prepared for the turnout. As a result they did not have enough tiles but it looks like they will be doing a second day for the ones who didn't get to make one.

The kid got to press leaves and shells into the tiles and then press their handprints over top. I am anxious to see how the tiles look once they are finished and hanging in the new building. We are very excited about the library. The kids love to go get new books but the current selection is small. We venture out to a bigger library 30 minutes away from time to time but it's not very practical. Having a bigger library in town will be so nice. We have a silent ride home everytime we go and of course we had to pick up some books after the tile making.

Shortly after we got home a delivery man showed up with a package containing a prize from a giveaway I had won. My kids are thrilled since we don't normally buy this kind of soup. 24 cans of chicken and stars plus thermos and tote. It's part of their new low sodium kids line. Most everyone decided they wanted this soup for dinner last night. Steve cracked me up when he said it was pretty good but it just needed salt. Ha!
What are you doing for Spring Break?


Shannon said...

Don't you just love libraries? I was pleasantly surprised when we moved here. Our library probably is as big as Mac's, so I can't complain. Lisa and the kids are on their way here today. Wish you were coming too! Enjoy your weekend. Is it back to school on Monday? Our break just started today.

heartchild said...

I do love libraries. My kids look forward to it everytime and never get tired of going. That's great that you have a large library. The Mac library is so great, I do miss it.

We do start school again Monday.
I wish I was coming to visit you too! Steve is having surgery next month on his shoulder so it looks any trips will be postponed for now while he recovers.

Tell Lisa hi for me and have lots and lots of laughing fun!