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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Popcorn, hair and surgery.

I mentioned that we make popcorn for afternoon snacks. Lil likes to make it herself with palm oil and this is the scene you can see around here several times a week when daddy gets home. People milling about waiting for the fresh, warm popcorn. I shred some cheese on top and we get some protein too.

The yellow is not butter though we do add a little. The coloring comes from the palm oil and it so good.
Don't you want to go make some right now?

It looks like Steve is headed to surgery for his shoulder. Not the result we were hoping for but we are glad there is something they can do to fix it. On more happy news, do you see those pretty curls? For the first time since we adopted the twin seven years ago I was able to finally able to cornrow her hair. I have paid to have it cornrowed and added the hair myself before but never before was I able to actually do the cornrows myself. The sense of accomplishment was immense. I have tried and tried over the years and it was just so frustrating. 10 days ago I decided to search You Tube and found some tutorials and it just clicked. No more making appointments and now we can spend that $30 somewhere else!


pebbledash penny said...

her hair looks lovely. I like how you write.

Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

Hello from a fellow crew mate! We love popcorn here too. Fun to pop, tasty to eat, and healthy too...could it be any better?

Stacy said...

Her hair looks beautiful!

Ginger said...

Did you copy the palm popcorn from me? Tell the truth. LOL
We love palm oil popcorn!
So, does the $30 include the hair? Because if it does that's outrageously cheap and I'm in shock! Still, free feels really good. ;)

heartchild said...

We totally copied the palm popcorn from you! The $30 was only for the cornrowing and the hair was about $12. But if I had someone do the cornrows and add the hair it was $100. Ouch!