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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A second chance.

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I knew that homeschooling would be a rewarding venture but there has been an unexpected benefit. I received a good education and did learn a lot despite a few teachers that needed to be in some sort of therapy. Two of my teachers had exploding episodes where chairs were flung about the room. Granted, some of the kids that they had to deal with may have led me to an emotional breakdown but it fostered a less than academic atmosphere. In the early days of my education I attended a school that had an excellent reading program and this formed a strong foundation for learning in my life. So much can be learned by reading. I am reasearcher by nature and if a topic comes up that I need information on, I am quick to find a book or eight on the subject.

The aspect that I am loving about homeschooling is the second chance at an education. I chose not to go to college, a decision I don't regret. But there is something to be said for learning as an adult. I had good and bad teachers and a few mediocre ones. The teachers that made a difference in my learning were the ones who were excited about what we were learning, that presented it as new and learned right along side of his/her students. I love those aha! moments as I am learning right along side my kids. We are both excited and I think that is a positive example to them. Learning is not only sitting inside a classroom. I want to foster a life of learning for my kids. It's the walks in our neighborhood when we discover a new plant. It's a teaching moment in the car about grammar or a new vocabulary word that someone uses at the dinner table that everyone wants to know the meaning.

I want my kids to love learning. There is great satisfaction for me when we are talking about something and one of the kids runs to get a book to get more information. I think one of the best gifts you can give your kids is to teach them how to learn. They ask me questions all of the time. I don't always have the answers but I know how to get them. That's what I want to teach them. Not all of the answers, but how to get the answers.

This morning I am feeling grateful for the opportunity to learn right along side my kids. (Thanks Mom for all of the reading to us you did when we were young, it made a difference!)


Luke said...

Lifelong learning. It's a beautiful thing [smile].


Brooke said...

good wisdom