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Saturday, January 3, 2009

He proved himself

Back in the summer Bub asked if he could have some fish. We talked about it and decided that it wasn't the time as everyone's interest in our dog had faded. They loved to play with her and take her for walks but as far as feeding her and letting her out in the mornings and afternoons without complaint, well, that was another story.

As time went on, Bub started showing some maturity in helping with the dog. He began being the first one to let her out in the morning, feeding and not complaining when something needed to be taken care of pet wise.

We weren't sure how serious his fish request was as he hadn't talked about it in awhile but we decided to get him set up for fish as a Christmas present.

Days before Christmas he told me that if he got nothing else for Christmas, he would like fish. I was pleased as that was already our plan.

Yesterday was the big day for the fish purchase for his tank. The store in our town was having an "ick" problem and couldn't sell any fish right now. So, his dad took him to a neighboring town to pick them out. We let him pick the two he wanted and then the man at the store gave him a freebie third as he couldn't get it back out of the bag.

So, Bub is now the proud caretaker of three fish. The appropriately colored black and orange fish are named James and Jaquizz for two players from his favorite college football team (the third teeny tiny freebie fish is Rodgers). Five points to the person who knows which team those brothers play for without looking it up. Ok, five points to anyone other than Brooke!

The fish have been given a valued spot next to his lego creations and football memorabilia


Brooke said...

So I guess John can guess???

heartchild said...

Well, yes he can but he kind of has an unfair advantage even though the price is pretend points. LOL!

The Six Sohn's said...

I think I could tell you but do I count? :) My hubby being a student and all :) LOL