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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wanted: One Hand Massage

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Doing Lil's hair over the years has been no small task. And I will admit that we have had paid to have it done from time to time as all things repetitive and small have been known to drive me batty. But, as time goes on and she gets older, her hair has become even more important so I have been making more of an effort. We have had it done about every 3 or 4 months and the style usually lasts about 5-6 weeks. Then in the off time we play around with it or she uses her favorite throw it up in 2 ponytail style. I prefer her to have it in a style that is better for her hair so I have stepped up my efforts.

Black hair has to be taken care of differently or it will break off. Hairstyles like this help to preserve the hair so that it can grow longer. We also started using coconut oil on her hair about a year ago and and the gal that has helped us with her hair noticed the difference right away. It works better than any other hair product we have tried and it's less expensive also.
I found a You Tube video recently that showed me how to put in yarn extensions and I was excited. She doesn't like the yarn quite as much as when we have had synthetic hair put in but she does like it. The upside of yarn extensions is that yarn is inexpensive and easier to work with than synthetic hair so I was able to do it. Plus it is a versatile style. She can pull the sides back, wear a headband and just let it down free. The shorter length this time is very cute on her also.

It took between 5 and 6 hours but it was completely worth it. She is a more confident girl when her hair is done. Not in a vain sort of way but more of a taken care of sort of way. And I want my girl to feel taken care of. In the picture above we were heading out to watch our favorite college team and she was sporting their colors. So cute!

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