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Thursday, August 20, 2009

We bit the bullet.

I love new appliances. There is just something about them. They work so hard for me all year long and believe me, we put a lot of miles on our appliances. Last week our fridge quit working. We have replaced all of the appliances in this house except for the fridge and dishwasher so I suppose you could say another one bit the dust. We weren't very excited about shelling out money for a new fridge right now but we were blessed to find out that there was a big sale last Saturday.

Off we went. The store in our town was out of the model we were wanting to purchase so we ran into a neighboring town. Before we went in we prayed that we would purchase only what we needed and not be drawn in by features. As we turned the corner into the appliance area this beast of a fridge was sitting in the corner on clearance. It's an Electrolux, a brand we normally wouldn't even be able to touch. It was on clearance for less than the basic models we were looking for and was exactly the color we wanted. So while it is a beast of a fridge, we are very excited and I am loving opening this thing to rearrange or play with the sliding shelves or just to see the fun lights inside. I know, it's a sickness.

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Sarah said...

Does Kelly Ripa pop out when you open the door? ;) Seriously, I *love* refrigerators. So I say "boo" for no inside shots! ;) Congrats on the new appliance- the shelling out part isn't fun but other than that...