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Thursday, August 27, 2009

One on one time.

I read about an idea when I had five kids under six. It suggested finding time in your day individually with each of your kids doing something unique with them. Something that is just their thing. I try to throw those things in here and there but doing it daily doesn't always happen.

On our last library trip, Els brought home a book by an author that was one of Steve's favorites. He got so excited that she asked if he would like to read it with her.

When time allows, they read a chapter or five before bed.
They laugh almost the whole time.

I'm betting that reading this book will be a life long memory for her.
(The book is Never Cry Arp! by Patrick Macmanus)


daughtersfather said...

Patrick McManus is one of my favorite authors. He is hilarious. I have a couple of his books if they want to borrow them.

Anonymous said...

Way cool!

Sarah said...

love it!