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Friday, August 28, 2009

Home away from home

We purchased this tent trailer last year. It has a little kitchen and sleeps eight so it's perfect for the seven of us. We are going camping in the near future so Steve moved it into the backyard to get the trailer ready.

He backed it in so he and the kids could wash it, open it up to air it out and then stock it.

The kids enjoy this kind of work.

It really is a nice little home away from home. There are four beds, two of which are dining tables areas that make into beds. We ususally keep one table up and it has room for all of us around it.

I meant to take a picture of the kitchen area but sadly I didn't. It has an inside cooktop that is portable. It can be taken out and slides onto the outside of the trailer for an outdoor cooktop. We set up the awning and leave it on the outside of the trailer the whole time we camp.
Can you smell the S'mores?

It's not fancy but it's easy to tow and works well for this family. Hotels are not cheap, you know?

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Angela said...

That looks like SUCH fun! You guys will make so many wonderful memories in there! :)