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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An outing that didn't include picking vegetables or picking up supplies for canning them.

I've hit my wall ya'll. This morning I just felt restless. I have stacks of homeschooling stuff to get organized and the five quarts of cucumbers were calling from the kitchen but I was having none of it. There are some situations that we are watching that are making life a little tough at the moment. So this morning I got up and made soup and sandwiches for breakfast. Weird I know, but I just needed something different.

I came to the computer after breakfast and lamented on instant messenger to a friend. She threw me a life preserver by way of her words. She said that it sounded like I needed to get out of the house and invited us to have a picnic at the park. Just like that. Let's go to the park. Huh, novel idea. My instant reaction most often is to decline because packing us up is work. But I decided that she was right, I did need some time out and chatting under the trees with her while our kids ran and played would be just the medicine for this soul.

What is it about me that makes me always avoid social outings?

I have become such a homebody.

It's not a bad thing making my family and jobs at home a priority. But it can be a bad thing when I don't make time to get out of the house. It can make me so focused on the environment right in front of me and my world becomes too small. Getting out helps me gain perspective and makes things always look a tad rosier when we get back. The floor never looks quite as dirty nor the laundry pile quite as high when I have had a breather. I think the kids appreciate the change in scenery too not to mention the lack of talk about any kind of food preservation.

Thanks dear friend. You know who you are. You were a lifesaver today and I am grateful.

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