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Friday, August 14, 2009

Planning, planning and more planning

I am a little behind on planning my curriculum this year. Money has been tight as of late and with my Steve and I committing to living within our means, I am being a little more creative this year in my plans. I have been getting a little of this and that here and there, as time goes on.

We have a fantastic new library and I plan to put it to good use in our little school more than ever this year. The kids are excited about that. They really love the new library also and could spend hours there. They curl up on the comfy sitting areas and crack open their finds. I have one that makes me laugh though. She will sit on the couches and wait and wait not reading a thing. She is one of my two most voracious readers and she won't read at the library. She says that she wants to save it all for home and is content to wait.

I will be reusing our Beyond the Code books to work on vocabulary for the olders. We love Daily Grams too so I will be continuing that for grammar. Ok, so I love the Daily Grams, the kids could take them or leave them. But it's quick, to the point and a great way to start school each day. We also use All About Spelling.

I am still hoping to get our Math U See for this year, because I *heart* Steve Demme! He makes my job teaching math so easy. But if that doesn't work out, we will find a good alternative.

Science is Apologia, my favorite since it makes Science fun and it works for several age levels. History will be through many living books.

I am really excited about this next school year. I am hoping now that I have a full year behind me that we will be able to add some more fun things this year. We have an artist in the house and we work to make sure she has lots of supplies to keep her satisfied. Music is on our list of things to add too so we will see how that works out.

There, now I feel better having somewhat of list out there!


tinykittenz said...

:D it's a bit of a relief to see I am not the only one planning lessons on a shoestring budget! The Library is an awesome resource, as is http://mathfactcafe.com and http://thelearningpages.com (maybe without the "the")

Great to see you posting!

Mom said...

This is a test to make sure I can get on your blog.

Sarah said...

I'm certain you already know about it but I've found Ambleside Online to be a fantastic resource. I'm trying to get everything ready too. We love Apologia too! Fantastic curriculum!