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Friday, December 12, 2008

Taming the chaos that is Christmas and New Years

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Doesn't is seem like Christmas comes sooner and sooner each year? It does for me and it never seems to come without the normal chaos that is present buying, card writing and time spending kind of activities.

This year though I have vowed to do things differently. With 13 days to go I have all but 3 gifts purchased, the halls have been decked and the Christmas cards are calling my name today. The goal is to get them out on Monday and then we will have almost 2 weeks to enjoy the season together. I have a few little activities up my sleeve that I hope will build some memories of a fun Christmas and not one where mom is pulling her hair out, running screaming into the night. Don't think I haven't considered it a time or two.

But seriously, the key to my success this year was early planning. I started purchasing gifts and coming up with ideas in early November. I also made use of the handy internet to take care of some purchases making my time more available for the daily chores that do not disappear just because it is Christmas. I also give full credit to the hubster for all of the decorating. I mean I had a say, no doubt to all of you that know me, but the execution was purely that of my husband. He outdid himself on the outside of the house and the inside looks so nice and inviting. We have enjoyed time on the couch looking at the Christmas lights, music on and kids in bed, just chatting. How nice is that? Or, I should ask, how often does that happen?

I have high hopes that this will carry over into the year 2009 as I purpose to be better organized. I got an idea recently from another blogger. She does all of her lesson planning for homeschooling on Satuday mornings at a local coffee shop. Less distractions and a little time away to make sure things go smoothly. Well, I guess there is a never a guarantee of that but at least there will be a plan. A plan goes a long ways in this house. I would like to do something similar to what she does, finding a way to set aside time away from everything to get organized for my week ahead.

So tell me, how are you making your season and new year less chaotic this season? Stream lining, hiring an assistant, skipping it all together?

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daughtersfather said...

I let your mother do all the shopping! :o)