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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Peach fuzz

We just got home from VBS (thus the hat). Lij and I had a little conversation.
Lij: "Mom, will you feel my lip?"

Mom: "Your lip? What's wrong with it?"

Lij: "I'm growing a beard. A mustache AAAAND and a beard."

First year of Vacation Bible School and he thinks he feels a little peach fuzz. Hilarious. I obliged him and felt the imaginary fuzz.

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daughtersfather said...

Every little boy wants to grow up to be a man...like his daddy. I suppose that presents a conflict for the adopted....which daddy do I want to be like?

Then, of course, every man want to be a boy again, knowing what we know now...hence the toys! :o) By the way, the Harley trip was great!