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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Beach

As promised, here are the beach pictures. For the fourth of July we stayed at the coast for 4 nights. It was gorgeous weather off and on and our neighbor friends got to come with us. It's so much fun to spend time away from home with friends fellowshipping and getting to know each other better.
Of course, we had sparklers as the sun was setting. We were able to watch the fireworks show right there from the beach. How cool is that?

Lij spent much of his time on the beach doing the above. The picture came out a little fuzzy, but I love his expression.

There he goes again.

The weather was so mild we didn't need jackets and it wasn't too hot. The kids could just run around and do whatever suited them.

Lil was our chief firewood collector. Most everyone helped but I would say she collected the most.

Bub was feeling particularly free on this outing. King of the mountain, don't you think?

Els had a grand time drawing in the sand. When that got boring she found other ways to write that were more of a challenge.

The girls and I were feeling especially patriotic and so we proudly donned the grand red, white and blue. Cute, yes?

No trip would be complete without a lesson in checkers with Dad.

I like this picture. Such a capable gal, isn't she?

I hope you enjoyed your fourth as much as we did.

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musicmommy3 said...

Great pics Angie!! Looks like lots of fun. :)