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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random photos

The two school girls have been laying out their clothing the night before school to make getting ready easier. Little brother decided he would do the same. He has an interesting sense of style don't you think? Oh and it seems he had something special planned on his schedule. Absolutely love that he set out a tie.

When setting out outfits the night before the two girls decided to try and match. They did pretty well right down to the matching headbands. They got ready all by themselves and did each others hair.

A recent track meet. Bub has been working on his form and won this race. He gets so intense when he runs. He is so fun to watch.

Lil also has been working on her form and won this race as well. She's fun to watch too. The track season is starting to wind down and it looks like these two found another sport that they will do again.

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=jb= said...

Cute pics! The girls are beautiful, of course. Elijah is awesome...gets the "tie" part from Dad, no doubt. We really enjoyed getting to see the twins run in that meet. I think Lillie looks so much like Marion Jones (minus the doping effects). ;)