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Monday, May 12, 2008

A boy becoming a man

There once was a 3 year old little boy from Africa who had a new American family. He was sick with Malaria, scared of this new place and confused. He would kick, cry and fight his momma. Until one day, about 6 months after he came, his momma held him on the floor of his room and rocked him while he cried and kicked. She was crying out to God out loud asking him to set her little boy free from the spirit of rejection, to fill him with His love and heal the wound that was seeking to steal the sweet joy of this little boy's life. Suddenly that little boy collapsed and lay in his momma's lap sobbing and holding her back. That day my son's birth was complete in my heart, forever entwined in the bonds of a new convenant.
It is now six years later, that boy is now nine and on his way to becoming a young man. His Dad was leaving on a business trip recently. When his dad was saying goodbye to him I overheard our son say "So, I'm the man of the house?" His Dad said that he was and told him to take care of us.

While his dad was away he set to work. He fixed the refrigerator icemaker when I couldn't figure it out. He had also heard us talking one day about a vine we had found in the yard that looks like it might be a grape. His dad said that we should tie it up or build something for it. This is what I found in the yard when his dad returned and we were walking the yard making plans.

The vine is now secured and tied up so it can stretch out and do what it was intended to do. He did a fine job don't you think?

Life isn't all about work for our son. I mean, what's life without a go-cart? Here is another one of his creations that has been a lot of fun this last week. It can turn for those who are tall enough to reach the foot pedals. For those aren't, he'll show you how to use the rope to drive.

It has not been a road that has always been easy. But every once in awhile I watch him work or play and I get a glimpse into the future. I see that little boy and at the same time the man he is becoming. Lightening fast.

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Lori in KY said...

What a touching post! I love the way you described his "re-birth" and being set free.

I can imagine that his little boy ears stored those prayerful words of his momma in a heart and spirit that will grow strong as he becomes a man. What a treasure he has tucked away because of the love of his mother.