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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So it's Tuesday...

I intended to have a Motivated Monday post up yesterday but I was actually getting motivated on Monday. This is the area outside the storage room in our garage. Disgraceful I tell ya. This is the area we keep extra homeschool materials, where the kids work on the computer and where we keep our freezer. Over the holidays it became embarrassing with less checking by me to make sure things made it to their proper homes. Then once I did check, well, let's say I just chose to pretend it didn't exist.

We decided to take advantage of the holiday and get things back in order. Nothing fancy, just basic organization. Do you love the beautiful blanket as a curtain? Nothing but the best around here. The kids actually hung that to combat glare on the computer screen.

We removed all of the cardboard from our many Christmas Amazon.com purchases, moved in a stacking shelf organizer from another room and just generally cleaned up. (Just igore the white splatter on the floor, that was from the Great Spraycan Incident of 2010.)

I put my less than enthused to be cleaning 12 year old son on the task of hanging up our chalkboard. We have had it for over a year but have never had it hung before. The kids all love to go out here and draw but now it is much easier to use. He did a great job and I'm pretty sure he was walking a little bit taller when he was done.

All in all I would say this job was a success. It only took a few hours and I can breathe easier. It is nice to get into the freezer out there without kicking things out of the way. Ahhh, the little things.

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Shannon said...

Looks great, Ang! Don't you love it when you can organize with items from other areas of the house? I'm glad you were busy yesterday. I was hoping since you didn't post a Motivated Monday item that it was not a Manic Monday! Keep up the great work!