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Monday, January 31, 2011

Motivated Monday - Movie Organization

Motivated Monday posts seem to have taken over on the old blog. Never fear, I am working on a basketball post about the twins for tomorrow. I am trying to get this house in order and that takes time, people. Speaking of basketball, time is something I am short on these days. So this week's project was movies. Our movies drive me crazy not to mention the fact that storing them drives me even crazier. With Netflix, keeping them on hand is becoming less necessary.

Storing them on one long shelf was proving to be a horrible waste of space. One long row was nice as it let us glance at all of the movies at one time. But you can see in the picture above that it left the front half of the shelf unable to be used. 

I got rid of some movies that we no longer watch or the kids have grown out of. Don't worry, hon, your favorites are safe.

I was able to get all of the DVD's into one basket and the VHS tapes went in the other with a little overflow, for now. Once I did that I was able to store all of our tie dye supplies as well as my cards basket on the same shelf.

The kids can still easily grab a basket from the shelf and pick something to watch. Not only does this shelf hold movies but also my cards and other supplies. It is now a much better use of the space if I do say so myself.

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