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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It looks like we are going to need a boat.

Last Sunday our sister-in-law invited all of the cousins from my husband's side of the family to come out on the lake in her parents boat. Ok, so stick with me here. This sister-in-law is married to my husband's brother. Seems straight up enough but here is where it gets complicated. This sister-in-law is also my second cousin, which makes their kids and my kids not only first cousins but also third cousins. So her parents boat is also the same boat of my second cousin once removed. I think. Anyway, we are REALLY related.

All of the relative stuff aside, there were 14 kid cousins there and we had a blast.

I addition to bringing out the boat and floatable towables they also just brought some floatables for the kids waiting to get onto the boat to have something to do.

It was an absolute riot. My best pictures were of all of the kids together but I try not to share pictures of other people kids here.

It was a fantastic way to spend the 95+ degree day. We came home about nine o'clock tired and cooled down.

I am thinking we may need to buy a boat.

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