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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where I get a little random.

It's been a busy week so far. The scene above may be found here often as Steve recovers from surgery. The following is a random pictorial of the last week. Nothing really relates but it's my blog right? Of course we started out the week with Easter which was a really nice. It was a relaxing weekend.

We took a mini vacation of sorts, spending the weekend in my hometown and visiting with my side of the family. We colored eggs, went to my parents church, had a large family lunch and did lots of great visiting. We stayed at a hotel and we swam with the kids.
Steve had surgery yesterday and it went really well. His recovery is going better than expected and he slept really well last night. It is so nice to have him at the breakfast table mid-week.

The pinecone above was decorated by our six year. I thought it was beautiful and she gave it to my mom for her table. We were watching my brother in his Rugby game and so the kids found something to do to occupy themselves.

Lil taught the youngers how to make daisy chains.

I love watching my kids run to see their grandparents. We don't see them very often so they get very excited. We took the kids to one of the best parks and play structures I have ever seen. Mom and Dad came and met us there while the kids played.

The yard is coming along. This view is from one of the upstairs bathrooms. The yard is tilled and has been seeded. We are now waiting for the little shoots to appear. Maybe sometime this week? My next outdoor project is to work on the garden area. You can see in the upper right hand corner that Steve and Bub have set in the cherry ties so the play area is ready to be built. Since Steve won't be building anything for awhile he and my dad came up with a trade. My dad should be coming in the next few weeks to get that started. Thanks Dad!

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Brooke said...

I love seeing the girls reading by the fire. Never thought of that, what a great place.