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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring has sprung.

And that means that it is time for spring cleaning. We always do the normal jobs you would expect fairly regularly. Bathrooms, kitchen, floors etc. Toilets are reserved for me, not because the kids can't do them but more because I feel better knowing that they are really clean.

But those things like light fixtures and behind the fridge...well they wait for spring and sometimes never.

Embarrassing but true.

Every once in a while like spring, fall or company is coming we have a family day of cleaning. We go for it. Top to bottom the house gets done. I am usually on the decluttering crew as hubby mobilizes the kids and gets the majority of the normal cleaning started. Then it's on to things like windows, closets, the garbage can scrubbings and sweeping off the roof.

I do have some favorite everyday things we use to clean though that makes double duty of everyday items you already have around the house. Grocery store plastic bags work fabulously for garbage can liners. Dryer sheets do a great job on the TV screens. Little ones do a great job with an old toothbrush, rag and little cup of water on the baseboards.

It's a family affair around here and I like it that way. We all work together and get it done! Then it's time for fun.

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