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Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to normal

After almost two weeks off from having surgery, Steve went back to work this morning. It's bittersweet. While we are enjoying being back in our normal routine, we really miss him this morning.

Lots of this could be seen while he was home. Reading comic books together and working on I Spy books.

As much as I enjoy managing things around here during the day, I sure miss him this morning.

He got clearance to use his arm a little to start stretching out the not used much lately muscles. He cracks me up. Me? I use a bread knife. Not my husband. Get out the electric knife for slicing the homemade bread. This guy was made to work, let me tell you. Sitting around for two weeks is not his style. Late last week, when he started to feel better, he made a loaf of cheese onion bread to pass the time and oh my it was good. Granted the bread maker did the kneading for him and then there was the electric knife to make easy work of the slicing but it was so good. We'll be making that again.

Can an electric knife be considered a power tool?

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Luke said...

Totally a power tool. And, when combined with homemade bread, a beautiful thing [smile].

Glad Steve's recovery is coming along. Hang in there as things shift back to normal.