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Monday, June 9, 2008

Bank note to fill up the tank...and a contest.

I know you all know about the current gas "crisis" we are all experiencing. Honestly I do find it frustrating but it's not surprising either. It has been a long time in coming and when you look at what other countries are paying we have really been spoiled for quite some time. When we were in Haiti last year they were paying $7 per gallon and I saw on the news this morning that most places in Europe are over $8.

We saw the writing on the wall last year. We sold our favorite vehicle so far, our roomy and comfy Ford Expedition. We purchased an almost 10 year old 8 passenger mini-van and I am so glad we did. It's not my favorite vehicle but it has more cargo space and I am grateful to be getting 23mpg instead of 14.

While I don't appreciate the impact on my pocketbook, I am liking the benefits of finding alternative ways of transportation. Just this last weekend I needed some supplies for a project. So off Lil and I went on our bikes. We probably saved $1 in total on this trip by not driving. Not a huge amount, but when you consider that I got 30 minutes of exercise and quality time with my daughter doing something she loves well than I think my $1 savings will be worth more long term.

I see many more bike rides in our future this summer. Hubby bought me a new bike for my birthday this winter and I returned the favor and bought him one for his birthday this last month. We really do have a good amount of options for things to do in our little town and all of it is within a 10-15 minute bike ride. A few years ago we received a bike trailer to use while we have little ones and so the two youngest get to ride in style and it doubles as a place for items we purchase when we don't take the littles (thanks C&K!).

So, how are you coping with the current state of fuel affairs? Leave me a comment. I will place the comments in a hat and let one of my cute kids pick out a name for a brand new copy of the book "Helping Your Kids Deal with Anger, Fear and Sadness" by H. Norman Wright. It's a great practical book that has been a valuable resource to us as adoptive parents.

Contest ends June 13th.


MJ said...

Hey from the Shed! The gas prices are hitting us pretty hard. We live about 20 minutes out of town. My goal is to go into town only once a week (during the week) and even eventually, once every two weeks. However, that takes some planning and some serious dedication.

My hubby also just bought a scooter to travel to and from work.

I haven't visited your blog before. I love the song you have playing. Makes me cry everytime. I'm sorry about your loss.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

You know what? Honestly? We may move. We live 13 miles from town. 30 miles from dh's work. We dished out $500 for gas in 4 weeks. I'm to take photos of the house after we clean it today so DH can show them to someone today who is interested in an acerage.

They obviously are not a 1 income family... getting harder to make it with that high gas bill.

So we've talked a lot about riding bikes when we move to town. Sad day really -- I'd rather my kids run wild and play with rocks and sticks, then "get the priveledge" of riding their bikes in town... but one has to do what one has to do.

daughtersfather said...

I put a "For Sale" sign on the Z-car this morning. The gas mileage isn't all that great on a sports car but even worse was the insurance quote I got for when our first son turns 16. It will go up $2900/year if I keep the car. Without the car it will "only" go up $800/year. Good luck to all of you young parents out there!