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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Update on life

Update from yesterday. My taste buds are on the mend and the pico de gallo incident should soon be a distant memory. A little less jalapeno and outlawed mouthwash in the future. Thank you to those of you who were concerned.

The track season is in full swing and the twins are doing quite well. They are both taking first place in most of their events. They weren't too sure about the sport but once the meets started they have been having a great time.

Lil has become fast friends with another girl her age that was adopted from Haiti. It's been neat to see them run around together giggling. My sister-in-law overheard the young lady at the last meet ask Lil if her mom was white. She responded yes and the girl said yeah mine too. Then silence and lots of wheels turning in their heads I'm sure. Sometimes it's nice to have someone around like you.

Bub has just been living it up running around with the kids tossing the football after practice and talking to some old friends from school. It's nice for him to see some of the kids he knows and check in. One of the kids is from a church that we have visited a couple times.

On that note we are visiting churches in our town. We said goodbye to our church that we attended as a married couple for 10 years. It was hard and bittersweet. We have been feeling since we moved to a neighboring town that we have needed to fellowship here also. We took about six months as a family having church at home spending time getting to know our kids spiritually more. We may continue to do that and invite some other families but for now we are visiting some local churches getting a feel for them and meeting some other Christian families in our community. It's important to check in and fellowship with other Christians. Proverbs 18 begins by saying that a man who isolates himself pursues selfish ends. That he defies all sound judgement. That doesn't sound like a good way to go so we are seeking what God has for us in meeting with other people however that looks.

Back to kids...
Els is in the second grade but her teacher told me that she is reading at the 6th/7th level with comprehension at the 5th. How she loves to read. It is important to keep her in books that are age appropriate that challenge her. She now wants to write book reports for fun and "teaches" our 5yo and 3yo in her free time.

Em has her first loose tooth and is eating like she hasn't eaten in days at every meal. We are expecting her clothes to look like she's waiting for a flood any day now. Since she weighs all of 35 pounds it should make clothes shopping interesting. Thank goodness for belts. She is reading now too and her vocabulary never ceases to amaze me. The ladies in the office at school crack up when she comes in. They tell me they just can't believe the big words that come out of that tiny girl. Yeah me either. Thanks Aunt Deb for teaching her chrysalis. ;-)

Lij is well. Today he spent the afternoon with his aunt and when he came home he greeted EVERYONE with a hug and hi fill in the blank! He was gone for 5 hours but acted like it had been weeks. Such a sweet little man. Although our puppy does not appreciate him laying on her or wearing his hats.

Hubby is hanging in there working and going to school. He met with an advisor this week to plot a course. He is working on a transfer degree so that he can enter a 16 month program and finish his schooling sooner. So much work. I reminded the kids this week during their track meet that Dad was at class during that if they ever think they may want to go to school to do it when they are young. Their Dad just hates missing an event that they are in. They agreed that it's a good idea and they will keep that in mind. Dad did surprise the kids during a break in class. He made it just in time to see both compete in their relays. What a hero! The looks on their faces as they ran across the field to greet him was priceless.

Me? I am looking forward to summer and a little less structure. Maybe some fun projects that the kids have thought of that we haven't had time for.

Off to read some other blogs now. Goodnight.

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