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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coffee anyone?

More than 10 years ago I was a new bride. I had decided that I wanted to find out who my man was and treat him. I wasn't working yet at that time and let me tell you that I had some time on my hands. We lived a few miles from the town that my extended family lived in. This is an important detail. I didn't know them very well and I was 2 hours from my family so I was a bit lonely in those days. You can only clean house so many times before you need something else to occupy your time. I digress.

My guy loves coffee so I thought to myself we don't have a coffee maker. Aha! So I ordered a very nice one and the day it came I went to the store for supplies. I spent a long time trying to choose the perfect coffee and probably some half and half. I had never purchased coffee before but I wanted it to be special. I was so excited sure that he was going to be so pleased with his new bride.

When I came home from the store I unboxed the coffee maker to wash it. To my horror the carafe was broken. There were large glass pieces all over and I could not believe my eyes. I was devastated, my surprise ruined. My new husband came home shortly after to find a tearful bride. Not sure what to do(poor guy) he asked what was wrong. I explained the saga of ordering the coffee maker and purchasing the "special" coffee in hopes of surprising him. He felt bad for me and let me know that it was alright and that he so very much appreciated my efforts. As he turned to go into the kitchen to inspect the damage he spotted the "special" coffee on the counter. He then asked "What's this?" I then told him about the "special" coffee that I had spent so much time selecting. My dear sweet husband then dissolved into laughter, unable to speak for quite some time. Well now I was annoyed. I mean really. In my time of sorrow and defeat he was now laughing at the "special" coffee?

When he was finally able to control himself my dear sweet husband explained to his teary eyed naive new bride that one cannot make instant coffee crystals in a coffee maker.

Oh brother.


Lori in KY said...

Poor you! Sometimes we just can't win, huh? :) He stuck with you just the same, though, huh? Must've been more than the coffee!

daughtersfather said...

That's what you get for trying to ply your hubby's heart with that evil brew! :o)
If you would have asked me, I could have told you what caliber of rifle to buy him!!

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh... what a blessing you were to him!! It's the thought that counts... right??


Great post today!

K-Dawg said...

Hi Ang! This is Kelli (Book Club). Brandi told me about your blog and I couldn't get here quick enough. I'm what one would call a "blog stalker"! Congrats though you will now be the ONE blogger I actually know in real life. Ha ha. I like what I read so far. Can't wait to dive in and read more. Blessings!

Jeff said...

That is very funny! :)

Grab_the_Irons said...

That is SO funny! I am a "coffee snob" per my mother, so the horror of drinking instant coffee was just too much...!