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Monday, April 14, 2008

Healing the fatherless

My Dad wrote a book. Yes he did. I couldn't believe it either! I mean I knew he had it in him but it's just so cool. It's a good one too. Both of my parents are pretty fantastic people. I am proud of both of them. My Dad is pastor of a church that has a large adoption/fostering population that attends there. My Mom is director of an adoption agency. They spent their lives working to raise and support us girls doing jobs that they enjoyed ok. When we were almost grown they decided to adopt. Long story short 2 boys, several years, a college degree and things have changed so much. They are now doing things that they have a passion for. I think they had positive impact where they were before but I believe now what they are doing comes from the depths of who they are.

The book is called Exploring the Spirit of Adoption - Healing the Heart of the Fatherless. It's a short read, maybe an hour? But it's a fantastic way to spend an hour. A very worthwhile investment. It's not just for those involved in adoption tangibly either. He explores our own adoption into the kingdom of God and how physical adoption is a visual expression of our own journey and walk with God in our lives.

Here's an exerpt from the back cover (I can copy it, I know a guy):
"The selfless act of adoption comes replete with the widest possible variety of human experience. There is joy and reward along with trial and challenge. Dennis weaves the lessons of adoption into a tapestry that parallels the Christian walk. The Apostle Paul alludes to these lessons in his writings to the Romans. This book explores what Paul meant by the 'Spirit of adoption' as well as some insight into the healing and potential wholeness that awaits all who have experienced insecurity, uncertainty and brokenness."

I was blessed by reading this book and not just because he's my dad. There were some things in my heart that were minstered to by reading this. There were some areas that I did not understand the reason for their existence. I remember having a whoa! moment that was life changing while reading it. Tempted yet?

If you would to purchase the book you can visit the website for ordering information at www.healingthefatherless.com . For those who know me I have copies of the book for $9.99 plus media shipping if you are not local.

Thanks for enduring this shameless promotion of his book.

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Ginger said...

Just ordered this book. Hope it's as great as you say. :) I need this.