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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mystery Revealed - Part 2

What a crew. We couldn't be prouder.

Next stop was a cute little bookshop with a kids room full of great finds. We stayed awhile.

After finishing site seeing downtown on foot we decided to forego the trolley and enjoy a sunny walk back to the hotel.

It was a bit of a trek so sister thought she would give brother a break.

At one point the kids thought about rolling down the hill.

Later, after a nap, we headed over to play some miniature golf.

Dad clearly explained the rules. You know, things like no playing in the water and keep your hands out of the windmill in addition to the basics.

The younger 3 walked ahead with me having fun while the older two had more serious scored fun with their Dad.

On that last evening we celebrated on a yummy Mexican note. We found a fantastic restaurant in the second story of a building overlooking the Bavarian decorated buildings downtown.

Of course, any good vacation wouldn't be complete without a decadent finish. Each of the kids got to pick their favorite icecream and one topping to be mixed in. It's interesting what you find out about your kids on trips like this. Vacations are necessary for us but we are creative about them since we are not made of money. Maybe I'll write about that soon.

It is always worth the money and time spent together. I can't wait to plan the next one.

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Lori in KY said...

How FUN! I've never heard of Levenworth. It looks like a lot of fun, though. I must be hungry, because that Mexican dinner pic made my tummy do flip flops!

Your kids are cuties and it looks like they had a blast! Welcome home!