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Friday, March 28, 2008

Mystery Revealed - Part 1

Now you know....it's Leavenworth, Washington. A little town referred to as Little Bavaria. The town is made up of about 2000 people and isn't more than a mile long. It's in the mountains in Northern/Central Washington. There is snow in the winter and beautiful flowers and festivals in the summer. Music plays in the town square and you can hear it off in the distance as you meander through the shops.

The drive was beautiful. This was a snow covered lake that we passed.

It was hard to watch the road it was so beautiful as we drove.

The hotel had a breakfast that made us glad we had chosen this place to stay. They don't look disappointed do they?

These two are pretty pleased as well.

Now hers was a waffle she could sink her teeth into.

Big sister was trying to share a piece of salami with middle sister but it proved to be a challenge.

This was an absolute highlight of our trip. For 25 cents you could ride the trolley around town with 5 and under being free. $1.25 and the whole family got a tour.

What?! No carseats! What could be better than that?

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