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Friday, February 8, 2008

My son the comedian

Today we were working on a KWL chart for reading. We look at a story's title, any pictures on the first page and read the first paragraph. The first section, the K, they are supposed to write down what they know already from looking at those 3 things. The second part, the W, is where they are supposed to write what they want to know or hope to find out reading the story. After completing the first section the conversation went something like this:

Mom: So now that you have written what you do know, what do you want to know?

Son: I want to know when school will be over. (with that same grin in that picture up there)

He gave me a good laugh today. Is it just me or does that boy look like he's 13 in that picture?


daughtersfather said...

I think he looks 12.5.
I must say, however, I would have had the same response when I was 12.5.

Grab_the_Irons said...

Ah the joy of parenting! Having to deal with a comedian son is why I no longer have any hair...