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Thursday, June 2, 2011

New digs

We purchased a tent trailer almost three years ago. It sleeps ten and has served us really well. The fact that we are a family of seven means that finding hotels that will sleep all of us in one room is difficult. The two drawbacks to the tent trailer have been 1) no bathroom and 2) set-up has become difficult after Steve's shoulder injury and surgery.

We only used the trailer once last year and decided it was time to upgrade. The fold out bed feature worked for us but putting the roof up and down did not.

Enter the hybrid trailer. It also sleeps ten people but it has a bathroom AND the beds pop down instead of sliding out. Perfect!!!

Due to the size of the beds we will be able to still sleep all seven of us on the three pop-out beds and leave the table and sofa set up to use daily.

Each bed area has a curtain to close it off making nap times easier.

The fridge is bigger than the one we had in our tent trailer and the kitchen will be perfect for making camping meals.

We found this trailer used but it looks new. Also, being a hybrid means it is only 22 1/2 feet long for easy towing but 29 feet long when extended making for lots of room for all of us. Score!!!

We can't wait to take it out camping very soon. We also have a trip planned to Canada for a family reunion this summer. The comforts of home while seeing some of God's amazing handiwork on the road, how perfect is that? Also, we are fans of not having very much in the Blazer with us while we drive. Can. Not. Wait.
(We haven't moved, these pictures were taken before we purchased the trailer.) 


Shannon said...

Wow! This thing does look like new! I bet it makes camping with a family of 7 a bit easier than tenting it! LOL! Uh....you swinging through Idaho on your way to Canada? :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I would love to have a trailer....pop-up or something! We love to camp and have been to all the close places that have screened shelters. One of these days............