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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coast Extravaganza

I have been quiet here on the blog because we are on vacation. We are at the coast for nine days and are having a blast. The weather has been better than any other trip we have taken here. Every day has been gorgeous and picture worthy.

The kids have been spending countless hours exploring and playing on the beach as well as up the river that feeds into the ocean where are staying.

The tide doesn't come in as far this time of year making lots of tidepools for looking at ocean life.

My parents came for the first part of vacation over the 4th of July weekend. My kids love spending time with them and Steve and I enjoy chatting with them late into the evening.

A game of memory is always more fun with Grandma.

We all said at the dinner table last night that the highlight of the trip so far has been the fireworks at the beach. The house we stay at is right on the bay. People build fires and set up camp for the evening to enjoy the festivities. Once it gets completely dark the city sets off fireworks over the ocean and it's a spectacular way to end the night.

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