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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet peas

There is nothing like fresh garden peas. Straight from the pods into the steamer for just a few minutes and then placed in a warm bowl with a couple dollups of butter.
We don't buy them canned or frozen unless they are going into some sort of casserole where they are covered in something else. They aren't even the same thing. When canned or frozen the texture morphs the peas into something not even resembling the same vegetable.

On the last night of VBS Steve and I went over to where we had already pulled up the pea plants and found a few pods we had missed. We opened them and put the few remaining peas onto the kitchen counter. When the kids got home our oldest daughter immediately spotted the peas and with shocked disappointment she asked, "You guys had fresh peas without us?!" Her dad told her that no we hadn't had any while they were gone. Her response was a slightly disgusted question, "Then who's stash is this?"
Should we be worried? :-)

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