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Monday, July 25, 2011

Garden Update

We picked up some new potatoes at the farmer's market last week. The plan was to boil them this week with some green beans we canned last year as well as with some yummy bacon.

I was ecstatic when I went out to the garden this morning and found that the plants were ready for the first small picking. Fresh green beans tonight!!! 

Someone was having a hard time waiting for dinner. Can you blame him?

The garden has been doing really well despite the lack of sun we have had this year.

Can you see that little pickling cucumber? I could be pickling very, very soon. 

It appears we have a little stowaway. 

Is it my imagination or is that tomato turning orange? There is no better food to me than a plate of sliced, fresh garden tomatoes. I love summer!

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Mrs. Mobunny said...

OK.....I do not like tomatoes....but I love seeing them grow on the plant and watch them turn colors. Such neat little things! For YOU to eat, for me to admire.