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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis the Season...

...to be busy. At least that is what it is this year for us. Crazy busy but a lot of fun things have been happening. My mom and dad now have matching degress from George Fox University as of last Saturday. We are all so proud of both of them.

(My dad and I) 

My brother who is living with us made the varsity basketball team here in town. Here he is dressed up for a home game while he was waiting for OSAA approval for the disctrict transfer.

Our washing machine has been really loud for awhile so we decided we had better get it serviced before it quit on us. This is the pile of the concrete the technician found underneath. We are pretty sure this is not normal. Apparantly there are concrete weights that balance the drum and ours broke. The repair man said he has never seen one this bad. Yay us, over achievers that we are.

My husband's family decided to give my mother-in-law a mini home make-over for Christmas and her birthday. She has new carpet, new tile in the entry and under the woodstove, windows and paint. It has been a whirwind the last two weeks but the house looks great. Steve laid the tile and I am so impressed!!! He is so talented and it really adds a lot to the new look, don't you think?

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Shannon said...

I really wish you weren't so busy because twice a month posts just aren't holding me! Tell your Dad congratulations from me if your sister didn't already! Merry Christmas!