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Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Review: Your Money God's Way

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book "Your Money God's Way" written by Amie Streater. I was skeptical to read another book about money. We are Dave Ramsey fans and have learned a lot the past year about the way we handle or mishandle money. We are enjoying the discipline of the envelope method and have been eliminating debt which feels so good. We have a plan that is working and I wasn't sure I would take much more away from another book on the same topic. However, when I saw that the book is endorsed by Dave Ramsey my interest was piqued.

Amie doesn't mince words and says it like it is. Her advice is biblical and quite frankly is a kick in the pants where needed. I was impressed with her straight forward approach and the book answered some questions I wasn't even aware that I had. She takes what she calls counterfeit convictions and replaces them with timeless truths explaining mistakes that Christians make every day concerning money.

She explores topics such as spending habits, loaning to family members and friends, viewing God as an ATM, Scarlett Syndrome and so much more. I enjoyed this read and highly recommend this book whether you are doing well at managing money, need a refresher or just plain want/need good biblical advice regarding money.

Booksneeze sent this book to me for my review. The opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way other than the book that I received to read.

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