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Friday, September 11, 2009

Omelet in a bag

I have had some inquiries about the omelet in a bag recipe. I got it from A Baker's Dozen and it is so fun to do while camping. It is a snap to clean up, everyone can choose their own ingredients and there is no waiting for the pan.

Omelet in a bag:

Two to three eggs, beaten
any items you would normally put into an omelet such as grated cheese, ham or bacon, green peppers etc

Place all items into quart ziploc bag (freezer kind holds up better) and mix ingredients just by shaking it around a little

Place sealed ziploc into pot filled with hot water, the water needs to be hot but does not have to be boiling.

Let cook for a few minutes until it is not runny anymore, sometimes the cheese looks like runny egg so don't overcook.


1 comment:

Angela said...

I might just have to try that on my stove since I don't camp. Plus, I'll do almost anything to get out of cleaning an egg pan. :)