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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Patience, young one

Almost two years ago our old hot tub died. We have missed it ever since and decided that this year we would cash out a little of Steve's vacation time and purchase another used hot tub.

You may remember about three years ago Steve fell down the stairs and injured his shoulder requiring surgery. We found the hot tub to be largely helpful in his recovery. Muscles all over are affected when something like that happens.

The hot tub was purchased and we were very excited but that excitement was short lived. We had a few problems which then produced more problems.

Weeks upon weeks through the literal snow, sleet, rain and sun my guys worked on the problems and prepared the new location. They were doing all of this during a time when Steve was again in tremendous pain from a new "injury".

We now know that he has two discs in his neck that are bulging. The pain has subsided for the most part the last couple of weeks baffling the neurologist who said he should be in a lot of pain. The numbness and weakness in his right arm is still very much cause for concern. Having a hot tub helps so much with those issues as well as the arthritis he deals with in his hips and back.

Nathaniel did a huge amount of work with his dad's direction. Steve could only do some here and there with his arm the way it is. They were determined to get this thing working and in place.

On Saturday, a few things occurred to Steve and within an hour of starting and by the grace of God, it works!!! Oh, sweet relief. We have been in it every day since as you can see Ellie enjoying it the one evening. Several of us are sleeping so much better as a result of using it right before bed. So far, it has been worth every penny and struggle to get it going.

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