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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Favorite Place

My family really loves the outdoors but we do appreciate modern conveniences.

I posted earlier this year about our purchase of a travel trailer. We love it!

Three or four years ago we decided to visit a campground in our county that had become very popular. It quickly became our favorite spot to go. It is 30 minutes away, on a river, has private campsites and has a really nice playground.

It has become a yearly tradtion to go at least once per summer. We have also gone in September when the weather is still nice and the campground almost empty.

There is room to stretch out if we happen to get some rain.

Curtains can be drawn for early to bed kids.

We are pretty spoiled I think. We can even bring movies to watch on the laptop when some have gone to bed and others aren't quite ready.

Each campsite has a firepit and table.

Steve doesn't take the time to read very much but he almost always has a book when we are camping. He started and finished that one on our four day trip.

Lots of memories are made away from the busyness of the daily grind. (Wow, those are some diva sunglasses. Thanks, Lil!)

Time for games, just plain time.

I can't wait to go again next year. Hmm, might need to see about winter camping this year.

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